If you love to shop but cannot get out to the stores, the Internet is you answer. Today, all of the big manufacturers around the world have added the Internet as the new marketing stream. Rather than sell at wholesale so someone else can make the profit, the move of late is to direct sales. The Internet allows them that option and brings higher profit margins at lower prices for the end consumer. Traditionally, every level needs a keystone markup to stay in business. That mean, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer. By cutting out the middlemen, there is more profit for the manufacturer and the volume of the Internet makes a 10% commission a really big income for the promoter while the buyer is able to save big bucks. offers you all of the big producers in the world, many at prices you won’t believe!




I have more rice around this place that never gets eaten because there is so little flavor in it. That is the way things were until I discovered Basmati Rice…..ZOOEY!!!…..I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE FLAVOUR IN THIS RICE! White rice is great for rice pudding but Basmati Rice is my choice for everything else. I take a large glass bowl, add at least a cup of rice, double it with water and put it in the mircowave on high for 20 minutes. It comes out perfect!


Bird String

If you have never heard of bird string, Darwin wouild be ashamed of you. It’s the modern day take on evolution of the species. About 4 years ago my neighbour had a large tree planted in his back tard. Once it was in the ground, the strings holding the branches in were cut so that the tree could expand. Don’t ask me how, but somewhere along the way, the local bird population figured out that this nylon string made an excellent building material for nests. Each spring for the past four years I have watched as successive birds work away at this nylon string hoping to secure it for this year’s nest.


Sometimes in our lives we find something we just cannot let go of. That is what happened to me some forty years ago. It was called RASPBERRY MOUSSE….but I guess it could have alternatively be STRAWBERRY MOUSSE or SOME OTHER MOUSSE. We will leave that up to you to decide.

The ingredients are simple:

An old-fashioned brick of vanilla ice cream
A package of frozen diced rhubarb
A package of Jello

That’s it. Boil the rhubarb, added the Jello and the Ice Cream to the same pot. Pour the results into a glass bowl (with a spoon in it to initially distribute the heat of the mixture and not break the bowl) Remove the spoon and refrigerate. (No, not the spoon.)It’s a dessert to die for. Light and yet, with texture for the tongue. Your guest will want the recipe and you can try other Jello flavours to see what also works. Then you can sit around after dinner and tell the guests all about the hours it took to make it and how difficult it was to get the exact flavour, texture and consistency.